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Isabella Pitaki

Naturopath and General Practitioner doctor, Yoga specialist


born in

May 25th, 1985

My path

"I believe in the power of transformation through a modernized approach to spirituality, one which is adapted to our daily lives".


Since childhood, she was always interested in esoteric themes and began studying Yoga when she was 15. She complimented her knowledge of alternative health, diving into Western Medicine becoming a doctor and other medical studies in London, discovering a scientific community that sought to combine the wisdom of science and spirituality.


With this vision of holistic health, returned to her home in Brazil and began building my own bridges between these two worlds through Ayurveda along with psychology, pranyc healing, Bach Flower remedies, and Astrology. Today she also works with plants of power and psychedelic medicines to post trauma syndrome and is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT500, internationally certifying yoga teachers since 2017.

"My experience in these two realms of healing created in me the ability to walk through a middle path, not getting to any extremes of science or holism, always questioning any crystalized truth".


Her mission is to help people to achieve a fuller and healthier life, educating them on the subject of spirituality and teaching a simple methodology for the personal empowerment of each individual.


She does individual sessions, host retreats worldwide, including Yoga Alliance certified teacher training, recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Health as a Registered Post Graduation in Health Studies, teaches workshops and still loves to be a full spectrum medical doctor. 

Professional Experience

February 2008

January 2010​

March 2010 - March 2018

March 2010 - May 2013

Training in Ayurveda, Ernakulam - Índia.

Graduates as a Medical Doctor by Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná, Curitiba- Brazil. 

Worked as an Emergency Doctor in Public and Private Hospitals in many states of Brazil, having experience with a diverse public and structures, being trained to be tolerant and flexible and possess solid interpersonal skills, to adapt and conduct circumstances dealing with the needs of the most vulnerable people in terms of healthcare, having willingness to interact with people of all cultures.

Worked as a General Practitioner in Public Community Clinics of the States of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, focusing on prevention and family care, introducing her integrative knowledge to create accessible and universal care.

Professional Experience pg 2.

February 2010 - March 2013

February 2015 - March 2016

May 2015

February 2017

March 2017

May 2017 - actual

Worked as an Anthroposophy doctor in a Waldorf School, Dendê da Serra, and as an Anthroposophic clinician in Rio de Janeiro, under supervision of Dr. Darlan Ferreira. 

Studied Specialization in Internal Medicine and introduction to Cardiology in Angelina Caron Hospital, Curitiba - Brazil, working as a clinician in all sectors of Neurology, Nephrology, Intensive Care, Cardiology, Hepatology and transplant.

Taught an Integrative healing workshop based on Ayurveda and the Five Elements for mental health, Clinique La Board - France.

Post Graduation in Ayurveda, ABRA - Brazil.

Finished her Graduation as a Senior Yoga Teacher, Registered in Yoga Alliance as RYT-500, in Mallorca - Spain. 

Became an experienced International Certification Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) training more than a thousand students in Brazil, United States, Bosnia, Belgium and Tahiti, from all over the world. 

Professional Experience pg 3.

March 2017 - actual

January 2022 - February 2023

February 2023

May 2023

As a Naturopath, integrated into Medicine the Yoga Philosophy, the concepts of Ayurveda and Astrology, creating an holistic consultation considering the issues of the physical body through clinical physiology, the understanding of balance through the change of habits and orientation of diet, use of herbs, vibrational medicine and the reading of the astrological chart, having patients from many countries that keep following remote consultations. 

Was the General Practitioner for the Mayrahu Institute (Project of building Communities), using integrative health to treat their employees and families, focusing in prevention and quality of life, doing consultations and community talks about accessible information of general Health.

Trained in the Harvard Medical School the course of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Approach.

Trained in the Federal University of São Paulo, the IX Course of Therapeutic Use of Cannabis sativa L.

Other Educations and Experiences

Besides walking a path on science ipsis litteris, many other knowledges and experiences were part of an unique cocktail on how to see health from the roots to the stars. 

Complementary Education


Formal training in singing and interpretation in the Conservatory of MPB, Curitiba - Brazil.


Training in professional Bach's Floral Remedies in mental health, Monah's Flower - Brazil.




Interior Design, Instituto Marangoni - London UK.

Astrology for Doctors, Nick Hughes - London UK.

Complementary Education pg2.







Prana Therapy, Master Choa Kok Chui - Brazil.

Bases of Acupuncture, Associação Paranaense de Acupuntura - Brazil.

Bases of Anthroposophy, Clinica Tobias - Brazil. 

150h Yoga Therapy Teacher Training , David Lurey - Brazil

150h Yoga Therapy Teacher Training , David Lurey - Mallorca

Sound Healing Therapeutic and Shamanic Approach, Michelle Button- Brazil

200h Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Camila Reitz - Brazil.

Flávia Monjardim - Brasil, ES

Isa é abrir a cabeça para os do universo, sem se de mistério pela ciência, que existe de mistério pela ciência. Ela possui um dom único de fazer coexistir o físico e o metafísico, numa abordagem que é, ao mesmo tempo, leve e profunda. Ter sido sua aluna no curso de Yoga Terapêutico foi transformador tanto na minha vida profissional, quanto, sobretudo, na minha vida pessoal.


Caitlin Cusack Larkin - EUA

Desde o momento em que conheci Isa, eu sabia que ela era mágica. O conhecimento de Isa abrange desde astrologia, Ayurveda e misticismo até a ciência da medicina ocidental, e sua abordagem de ensino é igualmente diversificada e equilibrada. Apesar de sua impressionante experiência e conhecimento, Isa é incrivelmente acessível e promove a igualdade entre todos. A conexão de Isa com a natureza e a espiritualidade é genuína e continuarei seguindo e aprendendo com Isa, não importa onde ela esteja no mundo!



If you were part of my journey being my student, my patient, my client or a professional partner, please let me know how it was this experience, so we can share with others the magic of our meeting! 

Thanks for sharing!


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